I knew I could!

I knew I could!

Often times when I get a new toy I like to put it through its paces.  The reason being is that I want to see if the cost of said toy has an equal value to me in the way of productivity, features, and of course FUN.  I do have to be honest with you though.  I have a terrible track record when it comes to new things.   I am all into them for about two weeks and then my interest wanes considerably.   Anything that lasts past the two week period is usually something I use for a long time.

Just a few weeks ago I pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 5g.  I have had my eye on foldable phones since the OG Fold.  I just couldn't pull the trigger due to the expense and concern over the perceived fragility of the phone.  But this time around I threw caution to the wind and pre-ordered.  I watched every YouTube video and read every reddit post that I could find that would confirm I had made the right choice.

The 10 days leading up to delivery of this technical marvel felt like 10 years.   I had not been that excited for a new "phone" since the iPhone 3g(That's a story for another day).  I received some of the accessories first and that just made it worse.   Also, the fact that FedEx tracking is sometimes abysmal made the anticipation of a possible late arrival almost too much to bear.   Ok….that's maybe a little dramatic.   Sue me.

Delivery day arrived and I was so excited to leave work, see my wife, and get my new toy.   When I got home the only thing that had been delivered was a case.   Really….just the case.   I opened it and it was a really nice case.  I sat down a little sad that the phone had not arrived.   Then suddenly the doorbell rang and I leaped from the couch like an Olympic sprinter. I opened the door and it was the FedEx man with my new phone. I signed for it and the nice man was off to deliver happiness to some other neighbor waiting on their new thing.

I calmy gathered my chips and salsa...my go to after work snack.  Grabed a sharp object to open the boxes and sat down on the couch with my wife.  I ripped that box open quickly and marveled at the packaging.  I then opened the box and there it was…..a folding phone.  I quickly and satisfyingly pulled off the protective plastic and just enjoyed for a moment the new toy.  My wife said enthusiastically “Well, what are you waiting for?  Turn it on!”.  So I did just that and the rest is history.  I won’t bore you with the details of transfering all my data from my Note 10+ and setting up my new phone.   But let me just say that the transfer was smooth and I was up and running in no time.

My goal over the next couple of blog post’s is to setup a website and write a blog completely from my phone(besides some peripherals).  If you are reading this then I was succesful.  I will describe what I did and how I did it.

Until then,  be kind and rewind.

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